Hair Transplant Clinic in Pimple Saudagar – Peachtree Clinic

Peachtree Clinic has the most effective hair transplant clinic in Pimple Saudagar for all stages. We provide the most effective hair transplant clinic at a reasonable cost.

We provide the most effective hair treatment to our patients to get a satisfactory result. And that we are happy that our patients return up with smiling faces once treatment to point out their positive results.

A hair transplant clinic could be a surgical methodology of giving permanent results. During this method, hair follicles are far away from the rear & aspect of the head and are planted to the bald portion.

How Do We Work?

Before starting with any hair transplant clinic providing treatment by our expert team will take a physical exam and get a quick check done.

The blood test will help to search out if you have any medical problems that are inflicting hair fall.

Hair Pull Test: doctor picks up a number of dozens of hairs and pulls them gently to envision what percentage of hairs escape, this may facilitate in deciding the hair fall method.

Biopsy for the scalp: The doctor takes the sample from the hair she plucked or scalp skin samples to look at the foundation cause beneath a magnifier take a look at to understand if it’s simply associated infection inflicting hair fall or different reasons.



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