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Pneumonia is a lung infection, caused when the sacs in the lungs fill will liquid or pus. In this condition it is difficult for lungs to expand, and the person faces breathing difficulty. Anyone can suffer from this condition, but infants and people above the age of 65 are more prone to this disease. It happens so because, in the case of infants and senior citizens, the immunity is weaker as compared to the mid-range. Pneumonia can develop in both the lungs. It is usually caused by microorganisms. The risk of developing pneumonia infection increases in case of smoking or consuming alcohol.


Some of the common symptoms include:


  • Flu virus
  • Cold virus
  • RSV virus, responsible for causing pneumonia to a child below one year
  • Mycoplasma bacteria

Diagnosis Of Pneumonia

  • Blood test for tracing signs of pneumonia-causing bacteria
  • Chest X-ray for knowing the expanse your lungs can expand
  • Pulse Oximetry for knowing the extent of oxygen level reaching lungs
  • Sputum test for diagnosing fluids of lungs causing infection
  • Arterial blood gas test
  • Bronchoscopy to check airways for blockage
  • A CT-scan for an in-depth image of lungs

Why choose Homoeopathy

Homoeopathic treatment can help in enhancing the health condition. The doses are in a dilute form that is safe even for infants. The treatment is effective as it helps to eliminate the root cause of pneumonia. It strengthens the immunity, and in some cases, it can be taken concurrently with conventional medications.

Effective Homeopathic Medications against Pneumonia

1. Aconitum Napellus
this medicine works miraculously for those receiving early pneumonia symptoms and facing shortness of breath.
2. Antimonium Tartaricum
It is helpful in early symptoms of infants and aged people. It works by strengthening immunity.
3. Bryonia Alba
It can be an effective remedy to those suffering from pneumonia accompanied by chest pain
4. Phosphorus
People showing the following symptoms benefit from it
Homoeopathic medicines through safety should be taken in consultation with homoeopathic practitioners. Homoeopathy can really be effective for pneumonia treatment.



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