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Overview of MediFacials

Medi-facials or Medicated Facials are skin treatments that use face packs, masks, creams, or even lasers to improve your skin’s health by addressing specific skin conditions. Our experts at Peachtree utilize high-quality, scientifically designed products to revitalize, heal and refresh your skin. The medi-facials brands that we trust offer natural and non-irritating contents that aim at resurfacing your youthful skin. Medicated facials are chemically enhanced to provide a unique solution to achieve desired results, either improving your skin’s tone, texture, complexion, or enhancing its overall health and function.

Peachtree Offers The Following Advanced Medifacials Under One Roof:

Hydra-facials: These facials use natural Oxygen to revitalize the skin cells.

Facials Using Electroporation Devices: These devices are used for infusing vitamin C, glutathione, and other essential anti-oxidants directly into the skin.

Vampire /PRP / Stem Cell Facials: These are done with a small sample of the patient’s own blood and are the most effective solutions for reducing and slowing down the signs of aging and maintaining a youthful look long time.

Medifacial Procedures:

Medical facials are customized to your skin’s needs. They are generally performed like a spa treatment, which involves facial-cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, and moisturizing but with a professional and medical approach. 

Other advanced procedures for medi-facials may include derma-planing, microcurrent, ultrasound, or radio waves for firming and lifting the skin.

As they are all daycare procedures, they don’t take more than an hour or two for completion, allowing you to continue your routine unhesitantly.

Medical facials can also be used to enhance the effects of other non-invasive skin treatments such as injectable dermal fillers or laser resurfacing. They are also performed to prepare the skin for another specialized treatment to improve its post-treatment results. To do so, our cosmetic therapists team up with our skin specialists to create a unique beauty plan for your skin.





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