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Conjunctivitis is also called as pink eye, It is an inflammation or infection to the transparent outer membrane (conjunctiva) of an eye. The minute blood vessels present in the transparent membrane become red and swollen, causing redness in the eye’s white part. Pink eye is caused by bacterial or viral infections, allergy or open duct issue in babies. It is a contagious disease; hence early diagnosis and prevention should be taken to contain this. Though it causes irritation due to swelling in the white portion of the eye, it hardly affects vision.


Conjunctivitis is contagious, hence starting from one eye, it spreads to another eye as well.


  • The open duct in newborns
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Allergies
  • Chemical splash in the eye
  • The entry of foreign object
  • Irritation

    Risk factors

    • Use of contact lenses causing eye allergy
    • Exposure to the infected person
    • Exposure to the contaminated objects carrying bacteria and viruses of conjunctivitis, such as the use of contaminated goggles
    • Extended wear lenses


    • The practice of good hygiene.
    • Prevent touching eyes
    • Don’t share the same towel.
    • Refrain from using same pillow cover and change them regularly
    • Don’t share personal eye cosmetics. In fact, don’t share any cosmetic product.
    It is more contagious than common cold. Taking ample measures is mandatory to prevent this contagious eye disease. It is prevalent in monsoons because of low immunity and more pathogens in the environment.

    How Homeopathy Can Be Effective Treating Conjunctivitis

    Homoeopathic medicines are highly effective in managing conjunctivitis naturally. Different homoeopathic medicines can cure various symptoms of conjunctivitis like gritty eyes, eyes discharge, and redness. Homoeopathic medicines are effective quick recovery.

    List of Homeopathic Medicines For Conjunctivitis

    • Belladonna and  Euphrasia– These are one of the best Homeopathic medicines for addressing redness, dryness and congestion in the eye causing eye problems in Conjunctivitis.
    • Euphrasia and Aconite– These two can effectively treat conjunctivitis causing watery and swollen eyes and thin discharge, itching, redness and gritty sand-like sensation in eyes.
    • Calcarea Sulph- It is a very useful medicine for treating mucopurulent thick yellow-coloured discharge.  
    • Borax– It is used to treat conjunctivitis, causing dry exudation and sticky eyes in the eyes. The conjunctiva is marked red and swollen eyes, causing agglutination mainly in the morning time.
    Homoeopathic medicines are a very safe way of conjunctivitis treatment, but all the medication should be taken under the strict supervision of a homoeopathic doctor.



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