Overview Of Ichthyosis

Ichthyosis is genetically inherited skin disorder characterized by dry, scaly, thickened fish scale skin. People with this condition loose the protective barrier that keeps moisture in their skin. There is rapid skin cell turnover this leads to build up of thick scaly skin. The intensity of ichthyosis varies from mild to severe & it starts from early childhood.

Symptoms :

  •  Dry thick scaly skin looks like fish scale. Scales are white dirty gray or brownish in color.
  •  Severe grade of ichthyosis forms deep painful cracks in your skin & has risk of secondary infection.
  •  Complaints worsen in dry, cold environment & brings relief in warm & humid weather.

Causes :

  •  It is caused by genetic mutation that is inherited from either or both parents. People with milder form of ichthyosis has inherited faulty gene from just one parent. Those who inherit two faulty genes have more severe form of disease.
  •  If genetic defects are not responsible for ichthyosis, then it is called as acquired ichthyosis. Many conditions such as cancer, thyroid disorders, HIV/AIDS are associated with this disease.

Homeopathic Treatment For Ichthyosis

Homeopathic medicine provides relief in symptoms; it controls scaling, dryness painful cracks of the skin, but there is no permanent cure for ichthyosis. Severity & progress of the disease can be controlled by using homeopathic medicines.



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