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Sinusitis is swelling & inflammation of the nasal cavities located behind our forehead, nose, cheekbones & between the eyes. These cavities are normally filled with air, but when they become blocked & filled with fluids, they may allow certain germs to grow & cause an infection. Sinusitis is one such condition caused by infection or allergies.

Type of Sinusitis

  • Acute sinusitis: Acute sinusitis is caused by the common cold or seasonal allergies. It may start suddenly and may remain for 2-4 weeks.
  • Chronic sinusitis: It lasts for more than three months. The most common cause of chronic sinusitis is a bacterial infection. It can also be caused by structural nasal problems or allergies.
  • Recurrent sinusitis: Recurrent sinusitis reoccur several times a year.


  • Runny nose or discharge that may be yellowish or greenish
  • Productive cough
  • Headache
  • Decreased sense of smell
  • Fever
  • Pain in the affected region of cavities of forehead, nose, or in between eyes
  • Tiredness & weakness

Causes & Risk Factors

Homeopathic Treatment for Sinusitis

The homeopathic treatment provides great relief from sinusitis. Here at Peachtree Clinic, we have successfully treated many patients with sinusitis with an individualized approach. Homeopathic treatment is helpful for treating acute onsets as well as eliminating the tendency to have infections or allergies, and hence, is strongly recommended for the treatment of sinusitis. Medicines should be strictly taken under the guidance of a homeopathic physician only.



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