About Us


Peachtree is Homeopathy, Cosmetic, and Weight loss Clinic, specializing in Homeopathy treatments & non-surgical treatments for the face, hair, and body. Dr. Smita Patil is the founder of Peachtree Clinic. We have successfully treated many patients for various ailments.

Our specialization and interest are on the trichology, Skin diseases, and weight loss side, where we treat for skin, hair, and obesity issues using homeopathic medicines and perform other cosmetic skin and hair treatments like mesotherapy, PRP, Chemical peels, Medifacial, Laser hair removal, etc. For weight loss, we don’t use medicines that harm the patrons in the long run. The diet and lifestyle counseling we offer is slower, but the best and the only way to rid obesity.

We have successfully reversed Type 2 diabetes of many patients and treated many patients for obesity only by homeopathy medicines, diet, and lifestyle counseling.

The discovery of antibiotics was an epoch in increasing human longevity. Bacterial infections today were life-threatening once, thanks to the discovery of Antibiotics they are no more.

Today Big Pharma has made doctors into dispensing machines; not just Antibiotics but painkillers to steroids are dispensed without a second thought. Very few doctors treat a disease with a mindset of treating the root cause rather than the easy symptomatic relief route that most doctors take.

Today we are on the verge of Antibiotics resistance because of overprescribing them.

Lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes can be treated and managed without conventional medicines in most cases. Here at Peachtree Clinic, our mission is to treat the root cause of the disease using homeopathy medicines, we also focus on nutrition to achieve a permanent cure.

Our Mission


The discovery of antibiotics was an epoch in increasing human longevity by helping them fight various bacterial and viral infections. However, the big pharma companies who profit from antibiotic medicines have turned doctors into dispensing machines that are recklessly prescribing not just Antibiotics but painkillers and strong steroids to the naive patients who believe in them.

Many studies have shown that humans are on the verge of developing antibiotic-resistant bodies due to the overprescription of such drugs that offer temporary symptomatic relief.

Today, only a handful of medical practitioners offers treatments that aim at curing the root causes of skin, hair, and obesity disorders, and Peachtree is one of them. 

At Peachtree Clinic, our mission is to offer treatments for the root cause of any disease through homeopathy medicines, nutrition counseling, and lifestyle changes to achieve a permanent and safe cure for the patients.

Our Vision


Indians are facing a pandemic-level threat of lifestyle disorders such as obesity, Type-2 Diabetes, acne, unexpected hair loss, etc. and the chemical-laden synthetic drugs will only do more harm than good to our future generation.

Peachtree Clinic stands with a vision to emerge and one of the prominent natural care centers for such lifestyle disorders and offers treatments that improve our patients’ quality of living.

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