Medi Facials

Medi-facials are skin treatments formulated to improve general skin health as well as to address specific skin conditions. Astique has selected high-quality science-based products to revitalise, heal and refresh your skin. Clinically-proven brands which use only natural, highly-functional and virtually irritation-free ingredients leave you looking younger and more radiant.

It’s simply an enhanced facial geared towards achieving specific results designed to repair, restore, and rejuvenate the skin. Your skin will have visible improvements in tone, texture, complexion, and most importantly improved skin health and function.

Following Medifacials available:
  • Hydra-facials
  • Oxygen facials that uses oxygen in between facials.
  • Facials using electroporation devices: These devices are used for infusing vitamin C, glutathione, and other essential anti-oxidants directly into the skin.
  • Vampire PRP or stem cell facials: These are done with patient’s own blood and are an obvious solution for arresting the clock of ageing and for a good youthful skin for a long time.
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