Overview Of Keloid

Keloids are red itchy pink-coloured bump that usually develops on already injured skin or scar. Any injury to the skin results into a scar as a normal healing process. In a few cases, extra scar tissue forms which exceed what is required for the normal healing process. This results in thick, smooth, hard pink colour growth called as Keloid. Keloids are not harmful. Sometimes it’s itchy or painful. It is mostly a cosmetic concern than a health one.

Causes :


Homoeopathic Treatment For Keloids

Homoeopathy treatment for keloids is based on cause & duration of the formation of the scar. You may need long term treatment. Homoeopathic treatment is based on natural remedies without any side effects. Medicine & duration of treatment varies from person to person. Most commonly prescribed medications are- Thuja, Causticum, Calendula, Thiosinaminum.


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