Overview Of Urticaria

Urticaria is also known as Hives or Nettle rash. It is raised, red, itchy rash appears due to allergic reaction. Body releases protein called histamine when allergic reaction occurs. Due to histamine release tiny blood vessels called capillaries leak fluid which accumulates in the skin.


Urticaria occurs due to hypersensitive reaction to a substance they are allergic. Doctors often can’t predict the reason of urticaria but following things may trigger the allergic reaction:

  • Medicines Used For Pain (NSAIDS) & Antibiotis
  • Insect Bites
  • Foods Such As Nuts, Shellfish, Eggs, Strawberries, Wheat, Caffeine Etc
  • Exposure To Hot/Cold, Sun Exposure
  • Stress
  • Dust Mites
  • Exercise
  • Pet Dander From Dogs Or Cats
  • Pollen
  • Latex

Symptoms :

Red, itchy, raised rash or wheal appears on skin. Rash is usually red or pink in color & oval or round shape. It is extremely itchy causes discomfort & can interfere with patients sleep & daily activities. Urticaria can occur anywhere on the body. It usually disappears within 24 hours but new one appears as last one fades. Urtcaria can be Acute or Chronic. Symptoms may continue from several days or from months to years.

Acute Urticaria: It is the most common type of Hives where symptoms lasts less than 6 weeks. It is mostly caused by certain food, insect bite, medicines or insect bite.

Chronic Urticaria: If Hives continues for more than 6 weeks or reoccur frequently for months to year, then it is called as chronic urticaria. Exact cause is not known but disturbed immune system may cause chronic urticaria. Chronic urticaria can affects patients quality of life & have to be dependent on medication such as anti-histamine or steroids.

Dermatographism: It appears when your skin gets scratched. Hives appear in linear form. Symptoms remains for 30 minutes. In rare cases it remains for day or longer.

Angioedema: When swelling occurs in deeper layers of skin it is called as angioedema. Swelling appears around eys, lips, genitals, hands or feet. Swelling may last longer than skin hives. When swelling occur on wind pipe or lungs patient faces difficulty in breathing. In some cases, it may be life threatening & need immediate medical attention.



Homeopathic Treatment For Urticaria

Common warts usually occur on your fingers or hands and may be:

  • Small, Fleshy, Grainy Bumps
  • Flesh-Colored, White, Pink Or Tan
  • Rough To The Touch
  • Sprinkled With Black Pinpoints, Which Are Small, Clotted Blood Vessels

Homeopathic Treatment Of Warts

Homeopathic medicines treat acute & chronic Urticaria very effectively. It’s not only relieves the symptoms but corrects internal immunological disturbance. Homeopathic treatment also treats body’s allergic tendency so that it does not react to allergen the way it does in Urticaria. Here are some homeopathic medicines which are effective in treating urticaria are Apis Mel, Urtica Urens, Nat Mur, Astacus Fluviatilis.


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