Overview Of Photosensitivity

Photosensitivity is a heighten skin sensitivity or unusual reaction to UV (Ultraviolet) rays from sun or other light sources. Few medicines or skin care products also can cause photosensitivity. There are two types of photosensitive reactions: Phototoxic & Photoallergic

Causes :

  •  Medicines-Medicines which can cause photosensitive reaction are- Antibiotics, skin medications, antihistamines, diuretics, painkillers, certain heart medicines, cholesterol lowering medicines etc.
  •  Skin care products- Certain ingredients in your skin care product can interact with UV rays and causes photosensitivity.
  •  Disease- Autoimmune disease like Lupus which is connective tissue disease can make your skin hypersensitive to sun. Red patches or lumps can develop after sun exposure.

Symptoms :

  •  Symptoms can be mild to severe. In mild cases there is a red rash with burning & stinging sensation. Rash usually occurs on the exposed area of the body. Rash usually appears within few minutes to hours after exposure.
  •  In severe cases there is a swelling or blister formation occurs. The reaction usually resolves with peeling or sloughing of skin within several days.

Photosensitivity Management



Homeopathic Treatment For Photosensitivity


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