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Asthma is one of the few most common health conditions all around the world. In this condition, lungs have restricted airflow resulting in the decrease of the blood oxygen level. Constant and severe breathlessness or difficulty in breathing is the biggest symptom of asthma.

Our homeopathy doctor in Wakad has noticed an increase in the cases of asthma in the past few years. This increment is because of the pollution and unhealthy diet.

Types of asthma:

●Childhood Asthma:

Childhood asthma is the cause of asthma attacks in the kids of age 1-14, there are cures, and mild cases of childhood asthma can be resolved, but there is always a risk of re-development of symptoms at a bigger age.

●Occupational Asthma:

Asthma that rises due to the person’s occupation can be due to an infection or a particular condition. The subject will experience relief from asthma symptoms on the days he is away from the workplace. Generally common in workplaces such as drug factories, wood factories, plastic or paint factory, metal factory, etc.

●Seasonal Asthma:

When asthma symptoms are controlled by the weather conditions and subjects experience asthma symptoms in particular months in a year only. This is known as seasonal asthma, and it is periodic, mostly during the humid and cold seasons.

●Exercise-induced asthma:

In most cases, asthma attacks can be induced by heavy workouts and exercises, and patients may require immediate medical attention.


Homeopathy works on the root cause of the problem, and hence it is an effective treatment for any health-related issue. Homeopathy reduces the oversensitivity of the immune system and treats asthma on a deeper level. Our homeopathic clinic in Pune suggests that homeopathy helps in reducing the intensity and frequency of asthma attacks.

Overtime use of homeopathy medicines and treatment can also help the patients completely get rid of their dependence on inhalers. However, as homeopathy is a treatment that works on a deeper level, it is obvious that it generally takes more time than conventional treatment, so it is possible to take the treatment with conventional treatment if required.

Blatta orientalis, Natrum Sulphuricum, Ipecacuanha, Antimonium tartaricum, Lobelia inflata, Medorrhinum, Arsenicum album, Lycopodium, Kali Carb, etc. are some of the few commonly prescribed medicines for asthma in homeopathy.

Lastly, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. Asthma is one of the diseases that can be fatal if ignored. If you feel some of the symptoms and want to consult one of the best and pocket-friendly homeopathy doctors in wakad or nearby, visit us.

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