7 Interesting Facts About Laser Hair Removal That Explain Everything About This Treatment

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Laser hair removal treatment, which was often considered a ‘celebrity beauty treatment,’ is not that exclusive anymore. Anyone can get a laser treatment from a licensed professional laser therapist. The treatment has become quite cost-effective, and it has emerged to the most effective way of getting rid of body hair for longer terms.

Before you start looking for a laser treatment center nearby, here are some interesting facts about laser hair removal that’ll help you understand all the ups and downs of this treatment:

It Requires Professional Experience And Preparation:

Though it may sound like any other cosmetic treatment, laser hair removal is a professional treatment that requires proper certification and experience for handling the laser equipment. It also involves some pre-treatment preparations based on your skin and hair condition, which are also decided by the professional. Always check for proper certifications and authenticity of equipment used in a laser clinic before opting for the treatment.

It’s More Cost-effective In The Long Run:

It’s true that laser hair removal appears to be an expensive treatment at once, but it is an excellent investment if you’re prudent enough to consider future expenditures.

According to a cosmetic survey and analysis by Harper’s bazaar that compared modern laser hair removal to traditional waxing, ‘the cost of 3 laser removal sessions can potentially prove to be equivalent to 35 years worth of waxing sessions.’

It Leaves No Significant Skin Issues:

Unlike the painful and rash-causing waxing process, laser removal has been known to improve your skin’s texture and reduce pigmentation.

Hence, there are no scars or wounds to look after; all you may feel is a slight pain and itching sensation which can be dealt with ice-press

It’s More Effective On Dark-toned Hair:

It is ideally said that laser treatments have better outcomes for people with darker hair that are visibly distinguishable from their skin tone. This is so because the laser primarily targets the melanin pigments, which are densely present in dark hair.  But with the modern laser systems, it is believed that any man or woman with any skin and hair shade can opt for this treatment.

It Works On All Stubborn Areas:

Right from your toes to your pelvis to your armpits and neck, every region where your waxing pads can’t reach can be treated with laser hair removal. However, it isn’t performed close to the eyes, like on the eyelids, even though you’re provided with protective eyewear to cover your eye throughout the treatment.

It’s A Long Process, But Worth It Nonetheless:

Laser hair removal works only on the specific set of hair going through the active growing phase at the same time, which is only about 20% to 40% of all your body hair. Hence, getting rid of all hair from any specific part may take from 5 to 10 sessions. But more importantly, its results last almost 5 times longer than that of waxing, so it is well worth the time it takes.

It Is Almost Permanent:

Most clinics market this treatment to be completely permanent, but that is only partially true. Laser hair removal can reduce up to 90% of all your body hair. Still, the remaining 10% of it will regrow as thinner and much lighter toned hair, making them invisible from an average distance. Hence, it can be considered as a solution for completely reducing visible body hair.

The results of this treatment significantly improve if the laser therapist is professionally trained and experienced in handling the equipment. This is why our laser professionals down at Peachtree Clinic can help you get the best laser hair removal treatment in Pune. With ample experience and most advanced laser technology at their disposal, our professionals can treat any of your hairy body parts most effectively and painlessly. Visit the Peachtree website to contact our experts and learn more about our methodologies for providing modern laser hair removal treatment.

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